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Premium Grade Rubber Tracks for Carrrier Dumpers

Rubber Tracks for Carrier Dumpers

Carrier DumperWe stock many Carrier Dumper rubber tracks for IHI, Yanmar, Morooka, Kubota and Komatsu Carriers ranging from 500mm (19.69 inch) to 900mm (35.5 inch) in width.

Our Multi-bar wide lug design allows for maximum flotation when traveling over a wide ranging of applications including dirt, mud, clay, gravel, sand and more. This extra flotation results in lower ground pressure and less ground disturbance.

Because of the potential loads you’ll be transporting, all Carrier Dumper tracks are strengthened with extra heavy duty steel links for supporting the extreme pressure exerted on them. The rolling path for your machines undercarriage, such as your bogey wheels and idler wheels, permits for smoother travel and a nice quiet ride experience over uneven surfaces.

Many large Carriers can achieve high speeds so it is important that you have a rubber track system that has continuously wrap cables to tolerate these conditions. Others design methods such as overlapped and spliced cables cannot withstand the torque and speeds these Carriers can travel at.

Benefits of Premium Grade Carrier Dumper Rubber Tracks versus Standard Duty

A premature failure commonly found on Carrier Dumper tracks are tread lug and carcass splits. This is usually caused by a track that is manufactured with a low durometer rating and lower quality synthetic material, occasionally known as fillers.

Carrier Dumper tracks can be pretty expensive so some manufacturers will use more filling compounds to help keep their cost down so they can market their tracks for less. It nice on the wallet at first, but it’s not till you get the first few hundred hours of use out of them that you start to notice why they may had been so cheap. Splits will just appear in areas of the track that wasn’t affected by ground hazards. Stress fractures caused by constant flexing and undercarriage engagement are more noticeable as well.

Premium rubber tracks for Carrier Dumpers will not take these shortcuts. Only the best rubber compounds, synthetics, steel link embeds, steel cable vulcanization’s, and molding techniques are used to produce the highest quality track for your crawler. A wide range of quality control systems are in place as well;

  • Test bench sampling
  • Routine physical test
  • Virtual validation adapted to each track system

Admittedly you will pay more, but you will get more operating hours out of your tracks lowering your cost per hour potentially less than even the standard grade version. That’s just smart buying!