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Heavy Duty Premium Grade Rubber Tracks for Compact Track Loaders

ctl aftermarket replacement rubber tracksTired of unnecessary downtime because of failed standard duty rubber tracks? It’s time to invest in Premium Grade Rubber Tracks to eliminate or keep downtime to the bare minimum. We’ve seen too many businesses and end-users buy tracks that cannot hold up to the elements they operate within because they were talked into buying something they really didn’t need, or were misinformed about.

As an example, there is a big difference between a Staggered Block tread and a Multi-bar tread for Compact Track Loaders, both in application efficiency and service life expectancy, as well as the compounds the tracks are made from and manufacturing process they go through, specifically the curing process.

A Staggered Block tread is best used for operating on hard surfaces like asphalt, paved roads, and gravel because they have a higher durometer rating and more surface area on the ground to help distribute the weight of the machine more evenly, lowering its PSI and reducing the chance of gouges and increased tread wear.

Whereas a Multi-bar tread is best for operating on turf application as this tread design helps reduce scaring caused by “power turns”, yet has increased number of “cutting edges” for better traction and performance.

If you need help selecting the right rubber track for you, please give us a call and we will help do so.

Rubber Track Tread Patterns for Compact Track Loaders

We presently have five (5) available tread patterns available for Compact Track Loaders, each designed to perform, wear, and ride specific to your operating conditions. They are;
Compact Track Loader Rubber Track Tread Options

  • Staggered Block: The staggered block tread has the highest durometer rating and the most carbon black content allowing this track to wearing the least amount on hard abrasive. This is an excellent option for operating on roads, gravel, and other hard surfaces.
  • Multi-bar: Our Multi-bar tread is the choice of any landscaper. This is our most turf friendly track, yet a nice option for pushing snow in the winter time
  • C-Lug: If you’re looking for a nice option for working on both hard surface and off road applications like dirt, mud, and clay, the C-Lug is ideal for these conditions. The C-Lug tread is more aggressive than the Staggered Block, yet still contains the same amount of Carbon Black making it very heat resistant.
  • Z Tread: This makes a nice option for turf work, yet still aggressive enough to provide adequate pushing power for your machine. This track falls in between the C-Lug and Multi-bar tread options giving you more traction, yet a nice option for operating on turf applications.
  • EXT: Looking for maximum traction? This is the tread design for you. The EXT tread is considered the best track option for pushing snow and running in mud and other soft soils. The pushing power you get when running these tracks is second to none!

CTL Rubber Track Performance Rating

ctl rubber track performance rating