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Premium Grade Excavator Rubber Tracks

When engineering and testing Rubber Tracks designed for Mini Excavator equipment these four (4) factors are taken into consideration;
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  • Weight distribution and flotation
  • Traction and strength for pushing power
  • Multi-application and climates
  • Product longevity

Lets break down the importance of each of these four factors so that you can make an informed decision on the purchase of your next set of excavator tracks.
Premium Excavator Tracks

Excavator Weight Distribution and Flotation

Excavator operating in mudExcavator Rubber Tracks must carry weights ranging from 1,500 lbs to 20,000 lbs depending on your equipment’s make and model while operating in a wide range of applications. It is important that you not only adequate tread depth for traction, but you must have a sufficient amount of contact point (i.e. footprint) with the ground to evenly distribute the weight of you machine under load.

Every rubber track for excavators that’s manufactured and distributed by us has undergone extensive research and development so that you have the appropriate footprint on the ground at all times permitting safe operation and performance, while maximizing flotation. This will allow your Operator to travel over more harsh terrains and conditions to get to locations others cannot.

Deep Tread Lugs for Increased Traction and Efficiency

Excavator Rubber Track TractionThe excavator plow is an excellent tool for operators to move debris and fill ditches. To increase efficiency while using the plow, our excavator tracks come new with extra deep tread lugs to maximize grip, and heavy duty steel link embeds that can easily withstand the high torque and output of your machines drive motor as your moving large amounts of debris for long distances and clearing paths.

Should you be working on steep slopes, you will have peace in mind that your tracks will also provide the necessary footing to allow of safe operation. We always encourage not to put too much confidence in just your tracks alone when making these decisions. Just because our tracks can get you there, please exercise good judgment.

Operating in a wide range of Applications and Climates

We all understand that we never seem to be given the best applications to work in when it comes to digging or clearing debris in our excavators. You’ll see mud, dirt, clay, sand, and rock in a multitude of climates and conditions from valleys to mountains.

Our excavator rubber tracks has one of the highest durometer ratings in the industry permitting you to operate over rock and other hazards, reducing the chance of gouges cause by foreign debris and sharp edges.

Increased amounts of Carbon Black is used as well so that if you are traveling over blacktop during the hot summer months when ground temperatures can reach up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit, the heat is distributed more evenly through the rubber track, and lowers the amount of wear when performing “pivots” or “power turns” under these conditions.

Over long exposure to the Sun “Ozone Cracking” will eventually occur. Premium grade tracks for excavators use compounds that prolong this from occurring so that the service life your tracks are increased.
Rubber Track Applications

Premium Compounds and Components used to Manufacture Excavator Tracks

Premium Quality Rubber Track ComponentsExcavator rubber tracks have one of the longest warranties in the industry and there are a few reasons for this. The most obvious one is that excavators don’t generally crawl around as much as track loaders do so the chance of failure and premature wear is lower. But the best known reason is due to the high quality rubber compounds and steel components embedded within.

All natural rubber collected from rubber tree (Hevea Brasiliensis) is used in our tracks, and its mixed with other chemical compounds for increased durability, flexibility, and serviceability.

Everything from the rubber compounds embedded steel links, continuously wrapped cords, molding procedure, production equipment, and curing process leads to the overall quality of a premium grade rubber track system for excavators. We make sure that you not only purchase a high quality track for your mini excavator, but we secure your purchase with an 18 month warranty, and help reduce your operating cost by increasing the service life of our tracks.