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Rubber Tracks for Mini Skid Steer Loaders

Premium Grade Mini Skid Steer Rubber Tracks

Don’t be fooled by the small appearance of a Mini Skid Steer machine. These little powerhouses can be the solution to finishing a project on time and on budget. So when it comes time to replace those old worn or busted rubber tracks, don’t just settle for a standard grade track, go premium! For just a few dollars more, you can rest assure that your Mini Skid Steer is well equipped with only the best for maximum performance and durability.

We have seen and heard many times about someone ripping a track in half from doing something as simple as pulling down fence or moving material over obstacles with very little hours of service by experienced operators. Once they put any extreme force on those standard grade tracks, it doesn’t take long before failure occurs.

Why should I choose Premium Grade over Standard Grade Rubber Tracks?

The only reason someone might be hesitant to choose the better track over the other is price. On average a premium grade track may cost 5% – 15% more depending on how large a track you may be looking to replace. What some don’t take into consideration is for what little more you’ll pay for the better track, you will get that back and more in operating hours, lowering your hourly maintenance cost.

Premium grade rubber tracks for Mini Skid Steer loaders are made of a higher percentage of natural rubber and less synthetics. And the synthetics that we do use in our premium blend are much more durable when factory molded and cured under strict manufacturing guidelines.

To handle the high torque, extreme loads, and obstacles you may encounter we strengthen the track with continuously wound cables so that they are much less likely to fail. Overlapped and spliced style cables commonly found inside standard grade tracks are weaker and have a higher tendency to rip.

Even premium grade tracks are not 100% resistant to gouges, regardless of the brand. But to better protect our inner cords from moisture due to deep gouges caused by sharp objects, we wrap these cords in a thick vulcanized rubber that acts like another barrier to protect them from damage.

Mini Skid Steer Tracks for maximum performance.

We supply rubber tracks for Mini Skid Steers that are used by Landscapers, Farmers, Plumbers, and General Contractors over a wide variety of applications such as turf, mud, sand, gravel, pavement or dirt. We will equip your machine with the right rubber track to perform efficiently on flat plains, and steep slopes for safe and efficient operation.