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Rubber Tracks for Multi Terrain Loaders

Multi Terrain Loader Rubber Tracks with Aramid Kevlar Fibers

Don’t just put any rubber track on your MTL machine, trust in Ward Equipment high quality made tracks for Multi Terrain Loaders. Made with reinforced Aramid Kevlar Fibers, stretching in significantly reduced maximizing the full use of your new tracks.

Most MTL aftermarket tracks use less costly materials that tend to stretch much more quickly, reducing the life of the track. There is nothing more aggravating than noticing that you have 30% or more tread life remaining on your tracks but your tension bar is now completely tight and the tracks are still loose, and unable to run without spinning your drive wheel inside the track. It’s just not worth the trouble, and a waste of money when you can buy a premium rubber track from Ward Equipment and get the full benefit of the tracks.
MTL Rubber Track Design

Low Ground Pressure, High Flotation Rubber Track Design

Multi Terrain Loaders were designed to provide maximum flotation, lower ground pressure, and the least amount of ground disturbance. This provides your operator a smoother ride, increased traction, and better performance over a vast array of applications.

To help achieve these benefits you will need a rubber track that can interact flawlessly with the complex undercarriage design for MTL machine. Our heavy duty drive lugs are molded direct to the carcass, and easily manages the high torque output of your drive wheel, and moves freely between the sleeves. The bogey wheels evenly distributes the weight of the machine across the footprint of the track allowing for more efficient operation on steep slopes.

The multi bar tread design provides excellent traction, and causes the least amount of ground disturbance making this a nice turf friendly track.

MTL Track Tension Adjustment for Premium Grade Tracks

To help achieve maximum service life out of your MTL rubber tracks, having the correct track tension will help assure proper fitment and engagement with your drive and bogey wheels.

Start off by placing 100 lbs of weight on top of your tracks between your drive wheel and front wheels as shown in Fig A below.
MTL Rubber Track Tension
Stretch a line (fishing line, rope, etc..) over the track running from your front idler wheel to the top of your drive wheel, and measure how much sag you have in the middle of those two wheels. If you have the right tension, you should have approx 1/2 inch as shown above in Fig B for this particular MTL machine (CAT 277D). Please check your ASV, CAT, or Terex manufacturers recommended specifications as each could vary depending on make and model.