Prowler Rubber Tracks for the Bobcat 864H Compact Track Loader

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Prowler Bobcat 864H Rubber Track Specifications
Bobcat 864H 18 Inch Wide 450 86 52

**Optional track widths may be available for your machine. Please call of more information.

Replacement Tracks for the Bobcat 864H

Trust Ward Equipment Sales to be your first choice for Premium Grade Replacement Rubber Tracks for your Bobcat 864H Compact Track Loader.

With over 20 plus years of engineering, our Prowler Rubber Track out-performs all other aftermarket brands with our latest innovation in molding and scientific formulation. Ward Equipment offers the most efficient and modern track design in the industry, resulting in unmatched performance and durability.

Prowler production and molding process referred to as FST (Flexural Strength Technique) incorporates an inner-layer of rubber formulation made of a slightly softer rubber that provides increased flexibility for the inner circumference of the track that engages primarily with your undercarriage components, such as your Bobcat 864H Drive Sprockets, Idler Wheels, and Bottom Rollers. The outer layer of our Prowler rubber track is constructed with a harder layer of rubber that provides better wear and abrasion protection.

Prowler wide range of tread designs are not molded simply for brand identity, they serve several significant application purposes, including;

  • Maximized performance and efficiency
  • Decreased track wear for a longer service life
  • Lower vibration for better operator comfort and decreased equipment stress
  • Lower hourly operating cost

By distrbuting your machines weight evenly over load-bearing portions of the steel skeleton embedded deep within the track body, wrapped by a continuously wound (vulcanized rubber protected) steel cable, Prowler offers the best track selection for Compact Track Loaders.

Prowler Premium Grade Rubber Track Design

Bobcat 864H Tread Options