Rubber Tracks for Compact Construction Equipment

/Rubber Tracks for Compact Construction Equipment

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Prowler Premium Grade Rubber Tracks

Premium Grade Rubber Tracks for Compact Construction Equipment can be purchased and shipped direct to you anywhere in the lower 48 States within 1 to 3 business days. We provide construction tracks for;

  • Compact Tracks Loaders (CTL Machines)
  • Multi-Terrain Loaders (MTL Machines)
  • Mini Excavators
  • Mini Skid Steer Loaders (Walk Behinds)
  • Mini Bulldozers
  • Carrier Dumpers
  • Trenchers and Drillers

We have over 3000 makes and models that we supply aftermarket replacement rubber tracks for that meet OEM specifications, and exceed ISO-9001 quality guidelines for guaranteed fitment and high quality, long lasting design.

Do not waste your money paying more to a Dealer, when you can buy an equal or better quality track from a premium grade rubber track supplier like Ward Equipment.


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Premium Grade Rubber Track Design and Benefits

Right Choice for Rubber TracksCompact construction equipment requires rubber tracks that are manufactured to perform efficiently within some of the harshest applications such as mud, dirt clay, sand, gravel, asphalt, and snow. When you also factor in climate, weight of your machine, condition of your undercarriage parts, experience and awareness of your operator, and the material you are handling it reaffirms why you should only choose a premium grade track over a standard grade.

So what makes our Premium Grade Tracks worth paying more for, and what components and materials are used to manufacture them? Here’s whats inside;

Carbon Black PowderPremium grade tracks are made with higher amounts of carbon black, and less synthetics. This benefit allows your machine to operate on surfaces at higher temperatures, such as asphalt during the summer months, without the rubber wearing away as quickly when performing “power turns” or “pivots”.

Higher durometer ratings are also found on premium tracks, decreasing the chance of gouges or abrasions to the rubber from operating over gravel or asphalt.

Heavy Duty Steel Track LinkHeavy duty steel links provide both a nice skeleton, and engagement point for your drive sprocket. Steel embedded links plays multiple roles so they have to be made of higher quality. These links are grabbed and pulled along by your drive sprocket under high torque so they have to be strong enough to withstand these forces. They also provide a “rolling path” for your bottom rollers to travel along. Plus, they must be able to withstand sudden impacts with curbs, large rocks, or other hazards. Heavy duty steel links are a must, and they are always found in premium grade rubber tracks.
Continuously Wound CableSteel cords are the final component necessary to construct a rubber track. A continuously wound cable is known to be the best way to wrap these steel cords, as they reduce or eliminate the chance of cords splitting or breaking opposed to splicing or overlapping the cables as some standard grade track manufactures will use. Also, a premium grade track will always wrap these steel cables in thick vulcanized rubber that helps protect the cords from deep gauges and moisture caused by such.

Even though premium grade rubber tracks cost more, they will always give you a longer service life, more protection from the elements, and a lower operating cost. They are definitely worth paying a little more for as they are an excellent return on your investment.

Anatomy of a Premium Grade Rubber Track for Construction Equipment

Prowler Premium Grade Rubber Tracks
  • A: Heavy Duty Steel Cords that keep the rubber track from stretching, and/or warping.
  • B: Heavy Duty Solid Steel Links make up the inner skeleton of the rubber track to increase its overall strength and durability providing excellent engagement between the track and drive sprocket.
  • C: Vulcanized rubber wrap the continuously wound steel cords protecting them from deep gouges caused by sharp material, such as shards of metal, that could penetrate through your track.