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Prowler Over The Tire Track Options

Do I need Over the Tire Tracks for my Skid Steer?

If you are in search of outfitting your Skid Steer with Over The Tire Tracks, look no further. Prowler has three (3) OTT (Over the Tire Tracks) options for you, allowing you to maximize your Skid Steers efficiency, essentially allowing you to have two machines in one. And before you spend thousands of dollars on a VTS system (Versatile Track System) you need to consider Over The Tire Tracks first, whether you buy Prowler or another brand.

You achieve three (3) real benefits of adding OTT’s to your skid steer, and that is;

  • Increased Flotation
  • Increased Traction
  • Increased Climbing Mobility

So if you are experiencing getting hung up in soft soils such as mud, need more ability to climb over obstacles such as mounds of dirt and gravel, or more traction for crawling up steep hills or pushing heavy material you can find these benefits in equipping your Skid Steer with OTT’s.

All Prowler Skid Steer Tracks are completely rebuildable. You can order pads or wear parts individually or as a complete kit when the time is needed.

Prowler Over the Tire Track Selection for Skid Steers

Prowler has three (3) Over the Tire Track options for our clients to choose from, and all three providing a unique benefit for your machine and the task at hand. These three options are described below;

Prowler Fusion Skid Steer Tracks

The Prowler Fusion tracks is the only style that allows you to run with or without rubber track pads installed giving you the option to operate on hard abrasive surfaces or off-road applications.

If you are running with the track pads off, the plate you will be running on will have a steel cleat that run the full width of the track section on both the front and back edge that stands nearly 1/2″ deep. This is an excellent option for working in demolition and scrapyards.

With the rubber track pad installed you will help protect surfaces that steel could scar or damage, such as parking lots and roadways. Pads are secured to the track section by four (4) bolts and replaceable when they become worn. Rubber pads can be ordered individually or as a set.

Fusion Steel Track Link without Rubber Pad
Fusion Steel Track Link With Rubber Pad
Prowler Fusion OTT on Skid Steer

Prowler Predator Skid Steer Tracks

The Prowler Predator steel tracks will provide the most traction off-road. So if you are looking for more pushing power, and increased mobility over obstacles the Predators are for you.

10 inch (fit over 10×16.5 Tires) and 12 inch (fit over 12×16.5 Tires) Predators are available for under $2300 a set delivered! The open double steel bar design allows for easy displacement of soft soils and debris under normal operation.

Prowler Predator Steel OTT Track Link
Prowler Predator Steel OTT Tracks On Skid Steer
Prowler Predator Steel Over Tire Tracks On Skid Steer

Prowler Stealth Skid Steer Tracks

The Prowler Stealth tracks will provide excellent traction on hard abrasive surfaces like Highways, Paved Lots, Sidewalks and Driveways. The wider footprint of the Stealth’s rubber track pad will help lower your Skid Steers PSI and prevent surface scaring. Replacement pads are available individually or as a set.

Prowler Stealth Rubber Track Pad and Link
Prowler Stealth Rubber Over The Tire Tracks
Prowler Stealth Rubber OTT's

Prowler OTT Comparison Chart By Application

Estimated performance by application under normal operation

  • Stealth
  • Fusion (with pads)
  • Fusion (no pads)
  • Predator